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Equipment: SVP Single stage vacuum insulating Oil Purification
Equipment Type: Vacuum Equipment
Unit Type: set
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2016-06-30
Main Features: 1. Horizontal vacuum separation technology, high efficient separation of vacuum degassing, exponentially increase evaporation area, increase the retention time of the oil keep in the vacuum chamber, high efficient and reliable. 2. Radiant heating system, enhance the contact area of the oil and oil heater, reduce the surface temperature of the heater, put an end to oil cracking aging. 3. Fault protection, Heater protection, prevent heater dry, pressure protection, discharge fault alarm and motor alarm. 4. Vacuum pump front cooler, reduce the water into the vacuum pump, and reduce the frequency of the vacuum pump oil, extend the life of the vacuum pump. 5. Patent holder degassing tank "foam protection structure + two-way foam electronic monitoring system", to prevent vacuum pump oil injection. 6. Automatic oil floating ball and automatic oil level electronic control system, realize the man-machine separation
Usage: SVP series efficiency single stage vacuum transformers insulation oil purifier can quickly and effectively remove water, gas, oxide materials, fee carbon and other impurities from transformer oil to lower the PH value, improve breakdown voltage and quality. Also serving as the vacuum oiling equipment and drying equipment, SVP vacuum transformer oil purifier adopts high vacuum oil dehydrator and degasification system and duplex-Stereo film evaporating technology for drying insulation oil and recover the dielectric strength. This vacuum insulation oil purification machine can live line work on the spot and also can be suitable to purify other insulating oils, such as capacitor oil, switch oil, mutual inductor oil, cable oil, circuit breaker oil and so on.
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